LVO 120 Sanding machinery

Small unilateral sanding centre

VOLPATO proposes the LVO 120 sanding machine, with combined functioning, able to simplify life for many professionals working in the industry. It has been developed under the guidance of expert company staff, who work with passion to offer the best result possible.

What are the advantages to using it?

This is a high quality sander, with specifications designed to offer a series of competitive advantages to customers. Among its features can be found:

  • Independent, mechanic oscillation with a stroke of 15mm
  • Complete sanding unit, tiltable from a vertical position to a horizontal position
  • Effective evacuation of dust through a centralized vacuum system

Furthermore, the sander will be delivered with a complete series of rollers, with diameters of 25/30/35/40/45/50mm.

Who is it designed for?

Along with its small size, the features just described make the sander suitable for small craftsmen, who require a good level of finishing. Lastly, the contribution of physical effort from the operator is indispensable, without which the machine cannot function correctly.


MotorHP 3
Oscillation motorHP 0,15
Working table dim.880 x 370 mm.
Belt dimensions150 x 2580 mm.
Overal dimensions1700 x 1000 x 1150 mm.
Net weight250 kg.