LBK 150 Sanding machine

The small sanding centre with 3 processing stations

Within the extensive VOLPATO catalogue, you will find the LBK 150 sanding machine, a model developed by the company’s in-house team of highly trained personnel who aim to ensure the highest production standards for their corporate customers.

Why choose it?

With long-term experience in the field, VOLPATO can ensure the attainment of an efficient sanding machine.

Due to their in-house technology and the choice of the best raw materials, you will in fact have a tool available that will guarantee high production standards and many other advantages, such as the following:

  • Electric regulation of the vertical oscillation position
  • Possibility of supplied accessories
  • Reduced overall dimension

Who is it designed for?

This machine is a sanding centre for small craftsmen, with small batches of different components, as it has 3 processing stations. Although it can achieve an excellent level of finishing, in order to function correctly, it requires the operator to contribute some physical effort.


  • For abrasive belt 200mm. wide
  • Machine on wheels to be transported
  • With exhauster 1 HP and filtering bag
  • Working table extension, each work-table
  • Two speed motor: 700/1400 rpm, 2,3/3,4 HP
  • Plastic slats on working table (veneer side)
  • Special base for standard feeder
  • Feeder 3 rollers 4 speed
  • Feeder with 1 roller type LBA-10
Work table for veneering11” x 39,4”280 x 1000 mm.
Tilting working table11,4” x 37,8”300 x 950 mm.
Belt dimension6” x 104”150 x 2640 mm.
Driven roll3”diam. 75 mm.
Supplementary working table13” x 13”300 x 300 mm.
Abrasive rollers1”-1 1/4”-1 1/2”-1 3/4”-2”25-30-35-40-45-50 mm.
Belt driving motor5 HP4 HP
Motor for oscillation0,5 HP0,5 HP
Oscillation stroke3/4”20 mm.
Overall dimensions35” x 44” x 71”1820 x 1050 x 1470 mm.
Total weight880 Lbs400 kg.