Lines design for wood polishing

Are you looking for a machine for polishing wood? Rely on Volpato, an Italian company specialized in the production of woodworking machines and in the design of polishing lines.

Why choose the lines for wood polishing designed by Volpato

Since 1957 Volpato works in the wood sector and thanks to the experience gained over the years, it offers its expertise and support to customers who are looking for quality wood polishing machines. In addition to designing the lines, according to the specific needs of customers, Volpato realizes and installs the machines studied, and is therefore able to offer a complete service, to follow the projects in their entirety.

What is polishing for?

Wood polishing is a finishing process that affects the surfaces of the panel. This process is used to reduce the roughness of lacquered paint in order to obtain a glossy surface. The process is carried out using abrasive belts with coarse grain, cotton brushes for the distribution of the abrasive paste and with sponge brushes for the final treatment. Polishing is a process that is performed especially on furniture items.


What are the characteristics of lines for wood polishing?

Volpato is a company composed of a team of professionals and experts able to design and manufacture wood polishing machines:

  • customized, according to customer needs
  • robust and resistant
  • allow to obtain a high quality finished product

More information

For more information on the Volpato wood polishing lines and receive a consultation for the design of the machine according to your needs, you can fill out the form on the contact page of the site.