Lines design for plastic working

Volpato is a company specialized in the design of lines for the processing of different types of materials, in particular of machinery for finishing work on plastics.

Why choose Volpato

Thanks to the experience in the field, Volpato offers its expertise and support for the design of custom lines for the processing of plastic, offering customers technical and commercial support, following their needs from the initial stages to installation. Volpato, in fact, offers its customers different types of services: consultationdesignassembly and testing on plastic finishing machines.

What finishes can be made?

Volpato designs and manufactures lines of machinery to carry out various plastic finishing operations, with the aim of satisfying the different needs of customers and offering them the possibility to operate with efficient, functional machines and to obtain a high quality finished product. Volpato creates two different types of machinery, standard or customized, to perform the following types of finishes:

  • milling, the process for moulding plastic and changing the shape and the size of the raw material
  • grinding, the process for shaping and measuring plastic according to the predefined tolerances
  • sanding, the process for finishing the surface of the plastic and smooths its surface
  • polishing, the finish for polishing plastic surfaces and reducing the roughness of plastic
  • rustication, the finish for modifying the roughness of plastic and prepare the material for subsequent treatments
  • scratching, the processing to increase the roughness of plastic
  • edge finishing, the process of optimizing plastic profiles

More information

For more information on the design of plastic processing lines, you can fill out the form on the contact page. The Volpato’s staff will answer any of your requests with professionalism and competence.