Lines design for metal polishing

Do you work the metal and are you looking for a polishing machine? Volpato produces lines for polishing various types of metals for over sixty years.

Machinery for finishing since 1957

Founded as a company specialized in wood processing, over the years, Volpato has added to its production the production of customized machines for the finishing of different types of materials, such as metal. This has led the company to new geographic and segment markets, to build a new distribution network involving small, medium and large companies that work in different sectors.


What is the effect that polishing produces on the metal?

Polishing is a finishing process carried out with brushes soaked in abrasive paste or abrasive belts and has the purpose of reducing the roughness of metals. Polishing is not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also to make sure that metals can be used in different types of industry. To obtain an optimal final result it is necessary that the machines are high quality and high precision so that the original color of the metal does not change.

Machines for polishing of metals Volpato

Inside the Volpato’s catalogue it is possible to find machines and standard lines that are used for polishing. However, thanks to the experience gained in the sector and to a team of professionals, Volpato is able to design and create customized polishing lines based on the specific productivity needs of the customer.

More information

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