Lines design for aluminium working

Are you looking for aluminum machinery? Volpato, with professionalism and competence, realizes lines for aluminum processing.

Why choose Volpato

Volpato is an Italian company founded in 1957 that thanks to experience and professionalism has managed to build a national and international distribution network involving small, medium and large companies operating in various industrial sectors, such as aluminum. Volpato creates customized machines and designs lines for processing aluminum according to the specific requests and needs of customers.


 Aluminum features

Aluminum is a metal that is used by companies in different types of processing and products, because:

  • it is a very widespread element in nature and it is therefore easy to find it
  • it has a low production cost
  • it is a material that can be 100% recycled without losing its characteristics
  • it is light

What are the finishes that can be done with Volpato machines?

Thanks to Volpato machines, customers have the possibility to create high quality finished products with special characteristics. In particular, with the use of the Volpato machines and lines it is possible to perform different types of finishes such as:

  • dimpling, to even out the surface roughness of the metal
  • brightening, to give a shiny and shiny appearance and then eliminate the signs of opacification
  • sanding, to remove scratches and impurities on the metal surface

More information

For more information on the metal processing lines designed and created by Volpato, you can fill out the form on the contact page.