All you need to know to choose the best sanding machines


Sanding is an indispensable process in many sectors, industrial or artisanal, for the finishing of different types of products and surfaces in wood, metal or plastic materials.


In the wood industry, sanding represents a fundamental step for the creation of finished products such as furniture, doors, fixtures, frames or other furnishing elements. In fact, once smoothed, the wooden surfaces can be further processed and prepared for the subsequent finishing and painting processes. Similarly, in industrial sectors that deal with metal processing, sanding is essential to uniform the finishing surface of the material and obtain the desired roughness based on the type of use and subsequent treatments to which it must be subjected.


To obtain optimal finishes and work the different materials at their best, this type of processing must be carried out with maximum efficiency and precision, using suitable, reliable machinery capable of ensuring quality results.


But how to find the sanding center that best suits your needs? And what are the aspects to consider when choosing the best machinery? Here are some useful tips to guide you in your choice and help you find the best solutions for your company or business.


What elements to consider in order to choose the most suitable sanding center?


To find the sanding center that best suits your needs you will have to consider several aspects, first of all the type of use and products to be made, but also the result you want to achieve and other aspects such as:


  • the type of material to be sanded: each type of material and surface may require specific sanding machinery or customized solutions based on the type of products to be made. Metal sanding machines, for example, must be able to eliminate scratches and impurities on the metal surface without compromising the surface of the raw material; those for polishing the plastic must make the surface uniform and remove imperfections while respecting the predefined surface roughness characteristics. Then there are versatile sanding machines that can be used to finish wood, metal or aluminum;
  • the degree of finish to be obtained: some machines are ideal for finer and more precise sanding operations, while others, such as industrial belt sanders, are equipped with coarse-grained sandpaper, ideal for roughing processes;
  • the size of the surfaces to be treated, which may require the use of more or less specific machinery. Oscillating belt sanders, for example, are best suited to machine pieces of limited size. To sand larger surfaces, you will have to opt for long belt sanders;
  • the type of activity and production specificities of each company: some machines are ideal for small carpentry or mechanical workshops that have to work small batches of varying sizes. Others, on the other hand, are more suitable for large companies that need large volumes of production.


Different types of sanding machines


Generally, the operating mechanism of the sanders involves the use of an abrasive base that performs a rotary movement, on a running or vibrating belt. The movement made by the base means that the processed material can become smooth and homogeneous, ready to be further refined. Depending on the sanding movement and the amount of material removed, different types of sanding machines can be distinguished, such as:


  • belt sanders, among the most used machines for finishing wood, metal or plastic surfaces that use continuous abrasive belts and allow you to rough even large surfaces with different degrees of finish;
  • oscillating belt sanders, which work thanks to the oscillation of the belt to the right and left, also useful for sanding smaller surfaces and obtaining more precise finishes and results;
  • long belt sanders, ideal for sanding large surfaces quickly and effectively;
  • edge sanders for more precise work on edges and profiles in wood or other materials;


Volpato sanding machines: customized and tailored solutions for every need


To better meet the needs of various industrial sectors and manufacturing activities, Volpato offers a wide range of machinery for sanding all types of materials: from wood to metal, from aluminum to plastics. All the sanders proposed by the company are designed to ensure professional and precise finishing results and improve the productivity and quality of finished products. In addition to standard machinery, Volpato is able to design and manufacture customized sanders, tailor-made according to the type of production and the specific needs of each customer.


For more information on standard sanding machinery or to request a customized consulting or design service, do not hesitate to contact us.