How to choose the right machines for sanding and finishing wood

Factors to consider in order to expand your fleet of machinery and optimize production

Professionals who work in the woodworking sector often find themselves having to update or expand their fleet of machinery due to an increase in sales, or simply to render their production system more efficient. What are the factors to consider in choosing the right wood sanding and finishing machines? Let’s find out together.


Pre-purchase assessments

The choice must first and foremost be made according to the type of material to be processed. It is necessary to evaluate the type of raw wood, if the paint or the primer agent must also be sanded, and more. To make a purchase that best suits your needs, the following factors must be taken into account:


  • The processes to be carried out (does it involve only sanding, or also the milling and beveling of woods?) 
  • Shape 
  • Production level (in linear meters, per day or per shift) 
  • Budget, as well as the physical space in which the machine will be installed


Evaluating all of these factors through direct discussion with a team of experts will allow you to choose the more in keeping machinery and obtain maximum results in terms of productivity.


Advantages from sanding and finishing wood

Although the main advantage is the production of a larger number of items, the use of woodworking machinery also offers other advantages. Their use will give you the opportunity to obtain benefits as regards aspects such as:


  • Greater handling and tactile softness of wood
  • Predisposition of wood for painting, waterproofing, and other treatments 


The right system for your needs: custom products offered by Volpato

Its proven experience in the sector has allowed Volpato to constantly diversify its offering. For woodworking, the company is currently able to offer a machine that can be comprised according to the customer’s needs. By contacting the company, you can obtain a customized system for one side at a time or four sides simultaneously, as regards:


  • Sanding belt units 
  • Abrasive wheel units
  • Single milling units
  • Double shape units with copy rollers to make radius/bevel top/bottom in one step


The company produces smaller machines that offer versatility and high quality that lasts over time for customers with smaller productions.


Why you should choose Volpato

An increase in productivity is not the only aspect to consider when deciding to buy a new machine. Volpato is well aware of the high standards with which its customers must comply to meet market demands. For this reason, offers woodworking machinery capable of significantly increasing the quality of the finished product. Thanks to their characteristics, the use of Volpato products can more easily move towards a high-level industrialization process, in function of the customer’s capabilities and availability. 


Would you like additional information?

If you would like additional details on the machines offered by Volpato for these processes ,  all you have to do is access the contact section. The company will be happy to answer any type of question or provide a personalized quote as soon as possible.