How to choose a good machine to process PMMA?


Plexiglass is a versatile and resistant material. Thanks to these characteristics, and many others, it’s used and worked in many companies, where it is subjected to various processes and finishes that make it ready for many applications.

These processes must of course be performed with the utmost precision and efficiency; Regardless of the sector and the type of business that the company carries out, in fact, the finished product must always be of the highest quality and to achieve this result it is essential to use the right machinery to process Plexiglass.


What is Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is one of the trade names of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a plastic material generally worked in sheets (but not only). It is a very transparent material (more than glass) and, depending on the “formulation” it can be more or less unbreakable – it has a higher breaking point than glass. However, it is quite sensitive to scratches and abrasions – which is why it is often refinished or treated.

Because of its qualities it is used in many sectors, to manufacture safety glass, accident prevention devices, but also in the furniture and architecture sectors. But what characteristics must a good machine for processing Plexiglass have? Let’s see them together.


 What types of processing? 

There are different types of Plexiglass processing, which clearly depend on the type of product to be obtained, as well as on the result and the type of company that makes it. However, we can say that among the processes, finishes and main treatments to which this material is subjected, there are certainly:

  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Sanding, which eliminates scratches and impurities on the surface of the material, making it uniform
  • Polishing, which reduces surface roughness and irregularities, giving it a glossy appearance
  • Edge finishing


The right machines to work Plexiglass

Each processing requires specific machines tailored to that type of finish; having machinery specifically designed and designed to measure for this process is the only way for it to be performed safely and efficiently from the point of view of the production process, and for it to be in line with the expectations of end customers. In addition to the machinery for the operations that we have seen previously, to perform other operations you need specially designed machines, which reach a high level of customization. Like the ones that Volpato creates for its customers.


Why rely on Volpato?

 Thanks to decades of experience, Volpato knows very well the Plexiglass processing sector and the numerous fields of application of this material. The company also has a long experience in the production and sale of the ideal machinery for the various operations. This is why the company offers a wide range of machinery specifically designed to work PMMA; they are machines capable of improving performance and productivity and, above all, the final result of the product. The company produces specific and tailor-made machinery to meet the different needs of customers. In this way it will always be possible to find the ideal machine to work in the best way.