Design of sanders for wood

Volpato is a company that design and produce machines for sanding wooden surfaces since 1957. Today Volpato is a benchmark company in the woodworking sector and offers to its customers custom sander machinery for wood, designing on production needs.

What is a sander used for?

To offer customers a high-quality finished product, sanding machines is an indispensable step in the wood finishing process. Thanks to sanding work it is possible to smooth the wood and prepare the surface to be painted. The Volpato sanding machines guarantee high performance and allow wood to be processed to become a high-quality product. Sanding is a process used mainly on products such as furniture, doors, windows or tables.

Which machines does Volpato produce for sanding wood?

Volpato realizes different types of machines for smoothing edges and wooden profiles. In addition to offering a wide catalogue of standard sanding, Volpato can produce machines for custom woodworking. In fact, customers can request the customization of sander machine according to the work they must perform.

What services does Volpato offer?

With Volpato the customer can take advantage of various services, in addition to the design of machines for sanding wood. The Volpato staff, in fact, can follow the client in all the phases of the project, making their skills available with:

More information

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