Aluminum satin finish: what it is and how to do it

Everything you need to know about the satin finish of aluminum

Aluminum is a very versatile metal and can be used for a wide range of applications. Its surface can be made smooth and shiny or it can be satin for a more matte appearance. The satin finishing of aluminum is a process that is used to create a homogeneous, semi-gloss or opaque surface on surfaces or pieces of aluminum, which can then be subjected to subsequent processing. It is a final treatment that is performed thanks to the use of specific abrasive belts and rotating brushes designed to refine metals and, to guarantee optimal results, it must be performed with precise and high quality machinery.


But what specifically is the satin finish of aluminum and how to do it? Here are some practical tips to perform this process at its best and obtain quality results.


What is the satin finish of aluminum?

Aluminum satin finishing is a metal finishing process that is performed to give the product a homogeneous opaque or semi-gloss appearance, removing any irregularities or surface residues. This process is useful for aesthetic or purely functional purposes and is also useful for hiding surface defects, such as scratches or marks of various kinds and allows to obtain a perfectly uniform surface finish of the aluminum. Depending on the desired aesthetic effect and the type of abrasive belt used, it is possible to obtain various shades of satin finish on the aluminum.


How the aluminum satin finishing is performed

The aluminum satin finishing process is a very simple process and can be carried out using specific satin finishing machines. However, it is important to follow a few simple instructions to ensure that the process is done correctly and that the aluminum pieces are protected from damage. First, it is necessary to clean the surface of the aluminum from any traces of dirt or contaminants.


Once the surface has been cleaned, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of abrasive paste evenly on the surface of the aluminum. This layer of abrasive paste will help remove any imperfections on the surface. After applying the abrasive paste, it is necessary to use a satin finishing machine that allows this process to be carried out correctly and precisely, without damaging the surface. After carrying out the treatment, the aluminum is ready to be subjected to subsequent processing processes or further finishes.


Obviously the type of result obtained will depend on the type of brushes and abrasive belt used: by using belts with different grain, the machine will allow to obtain a surface satin finish with different levels of roughness.


Aluminum finishing machinery: why choose Volpato

The aluminum satin finishing machines proposed by Volpato are specifically designed to perform this process in an optimal way and obtain professional and high quality results. This is possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge components and technologies and the long experience of the Volpato team, always updated on the latest news to develop solutions that can best meet the needs of each customer and that help simplify and speed up productive processes.


Volpato machines can be used to carry out different kind of aluminum finishes and are ideal for both small businesses or artisan workshops wishing to optimize and improve the finishing process, and for small and medium-sized industries with a large production volume. In addition to the standard models, the company also specializes in the design of customized satin finishing machines, designed and developed according to the specific needs and requests of the customer, with features that are perfectly suited to the finished product they want to obtain.


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