The machining of milling on the wood

Milling is a process that is carried out through special tools to shape the raw material, providing the shape desired by the customer. The types of milling can be very different, from simple radius to more complex operations, and is used to obtain the desired shape of the material for carpentry in general, from furniture manufacturers, doors and windows, frames, tables, etc. The Volpato machines, in addition to performing the other processes, are able to perform this operation as well.

Which machines are used for this process?

The company offers a large number of milling machines. Specifically, among standard machines, you will be able to choose:
• edger equipped with cutter units
• profiler equipped with cutter units
Moreover, if the standard machines in the catalog do not fully satisfy the customer’s needs, VOLPATO proposes the design and production of other special machines, customized according to the type of customer’s pieces.

What benefits does it offer?

The milling process is an essential step for finishing and, just to offer the best to customers operating in the reference sector, VOLPATO is committed to producing machines that are able to offer very high performance. Using this type of machine, in fact, you can shape wooden parts to prepare them for subsequent operations, both aesthetic and functional, obtaining excellent quality results.