Wood brushing

Wood brushing is a finishing process and can be performed using specialized machinery, which you can find in the extensive VOLPATO catalogue.

What are the benefits­?

Brushing is useful for improving the surface of wood, highlighting the grain, and may be performed before other processes. In fact, it is mostly used as a complimentary process to others, such as painting. Through the use of a specialized machine and its brushes, you will specifically be able to:

  • Widen the pore
  • Remove the fibres after belt sanding
  • Close the pore completely

What machines are available for wood brushing?

In order to meet the specific requirements of every customer, VOLPATO produces customized machinery for wood brushing. In fact, if the standard machines do not perform well enough on batches of a customer’s raw materials, the company will design, together with the customer, a specific machine.