Woodworking sanding machines

A company specialized in the design of woodworking sanding machines


Are you looking for a woodworking sanding machine? Do you want to optimize and improve production processes within your company? Volpato has the right solution for you! The Italian company has been active in the wood sanding sector since 1957 and is specialized in the design and production of custom-made sanders, designed to ensure precise and high quality finishes. Volpato sanders also allow to improve and speed up the working processes, thus increasing the production volume, with a considerable saving in terms of time and cost. All the woodworking sanding machines proposed by the company are made with Italian quality components to ensure maximum safety and reliability.


Which sanders for woodworking does Volpato offer?


Sanding is a necessary step for carpenters and companies which need to process wood so that it may be further processed and offered as a final product. This particular finish is extremely useful for customers dealing with the production of furniture, tables, frames, doors and windows. The company offers a wide range of standard woodworking sanding machines, such as edgers and profilers, but also special machineries, customized according to the pieces and types of products the customer needs to create.


Fully customized woodworking machines


In order to produce extremely efficient woodworking sanding machines for different production contexts, Volpato is constantly improving its construction technologies and finishing machine design service. Customers who decide to trust in the company, will obtain a non-standard machine, designed to meet their specific needs and guarantee other advantages, such as:


  • the possibility of modification of standard machines;
    an efficient customer service at every stage of the production process;
  • testing of customized machine;
  • improvement and optimization of production processes and increased production volumes.


More information on woodworking sanding machines?


To have more information on woodworking sanding machines or other products and services offered by Volpato, please contact us by filling out the form in the contact section! Our staff is always at your disposal to answer all your questions.