Wood finishing machinery

Customized finishing machinery designed to meet your needs


If you are looking for wood finishing machinery for your business or for your company, Volpato has the right solution for you! The Italian company is specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for the processing and finishing of wood, both standard and customized according to customer needs. Thanks to the experience gained in many years of activity, a constant investment in research and development of innovative technological solutions and a team of specialized technicians and engineers, the company is able to offer high quality and reliable wood finishing machines. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, over the years Volpato has progressively diversified and expanded its range of products, designed to perform at best any type of wood finish.


A wide selection of wood finishing machines


Volpato offers a wide selection of standard machines, but also custom-made machines, specifically designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. In particular wood finishing machines can realize the following types of finishes:


  • wood brushing, a finishing process useful to widen the pore, remove the fibers after belt sanding and close the pore completely;
  • structuring wood, the process of antiquing or aging wood, performed using wire brushes that remove the soft part of the material;
  • polishing, a superfinishing process which is often associated with large-scale production machinery for the high gloss finish of panel surfaces, often used in the furniture industry;
  • sanding, a fundamental process which allows wood to be subsequently processed and offered as finished products;
  • milling, a process that is carried out through special tools to shape the raw material, providing the shape desired by the customer;
  • wood edge finishing, a complex operation that goes through several phases and can be complementary to other processes, such as milling, sanding with an abrasive belt, brushing with abrasive wheels or brushes and, lastly, polishing.


Why choose Volpato finishing machinery?


The advantage of choosing Volpato lies in the possibility of relying on a company with a long experience in the field of wood sanding and a highly specialized team, who have long-term technical and finishing experience. For all of these reasons, the company guarantees the realization of highly efficient customized sanding machines. Choosing Volpato wood finishing machinery will also allow companies to gain other advantages, such as:


  • improvement and optimization of production thanks to machines specifically designed for their needs;
  • the possibility of modifications on standard machines;
  • testing of customized machines to verify their correct functioning;
  • a complete customer service.


More info on wood finishing machines?


To have more information on wood finishing machines or other products and services offered by Volpato, please contact us by filling out the form in the contact section! Our staff is always at your disposal to answer all your questions.