Profile sanding machines

High quality profile sanding machines entirely manufactured in Italy


Looking for high quality profile sanding machines? Since 1957 Volpato, an Italian company founded near Padua with a long experience in the field of wood sanding, has been specializing in the design and sale of customized profile sanding machines, entirely made with materials and components of Italian origin which guarantee maximum precision and quality. The company uses technologically advanced tools and machinery and can count on a staff of highly trained and competent technicians and engineers, who are able to advise and support customers in choosing the best solutions to their needs. To create sanders for profiles that comply exactly with the characteristics required, Volpato carefully controls every production phase: from design to assembly, from custom-made production to testing.


Why choose Volpato machines?


Depending on the needs, Volpato sanders can be equipped with different groups of belt units, with abrasive wheels units or cutters. Compact and extremely versatile sanding machines are also available: particularly suitable for industry and crafts, they are able to perform various processing on edges and profiles in solid wood veneered and painted, such as:



Volpato sanding lines are also ideal for remarkable productions, up to 4000 linear meters of sanded per hour and are capable of milling, sanding, satinizing, brushing, rusting and polishing any type of profile in a single step, ensuring an excellent level of finish and efficiency. Sanding machines can always be customized, to give the customer maximum flexibility and the certainty that the purchase is exactly what he is looking for, specific to his activity and production volumes.


Who are the profile sanders for?


Thanks to the different customization possibilities, all sanding machines designed and manufactured by Volpato are ideal both for small craftsmen, who want to improve the quality of their products and the efficiency of production, and for small companies looking for a quicker and efficient industrialization of processes to increase the production volume. They are also requested by large companies that want to achieve an optimal finishing result with a significant production volume.


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