Milling machine for wood

Volpato is an Italian company that since 1957 has been manufacturing woodworking machines. Thanks to the expertise acquired in the sector, today Volpato is a leader in the production of wood milling machines.

Why choose the milling machines made by Volpato?

Volpato, thanks to its staff, is able to follow its customers in all phases of the project, from consulting to testing. In addition to this complete customer support service, choosing Volpato allows you to entrust the construction of your milling machine to a company with:

  • using components from the Italian market to ensure a high-quality materials;
  • a high level of know-how from the staff that researches the best technologies for making machinery;
  • a distribution network developed all over the world;
  • the ability to make woodworking machines for small, medium and large customers operating in different industrial and craft sectors.

What is milling for?

Milling is a process that allows to model and decorate wood. With the milling process it is also possible to smooth the corners and make edging and profiling. Therefore, milling on the wood allows the material to be embellished and made more functional.


What are the Volpato machines for milling?

Volpato realizes different types of wood milling machines and it is possible to choose between:

  • edger
  • profiler.

Furthermore, Volpato is able to produce customized milling machines, with the aim of satisfying customers’ production plan. With the Volpato milling machines it is possible to obtain different types of surfaces, especially suitable for doors, shutters and windows.

More information

For more information on Volpato woodworking machines and to request a consultation from the staff, you can fill out the form on the contact page. By contacting the company it’s possible to obtain detailed answers to your questions and receive further explanations on woodworking machines.