Lines design for wood working

Are you looking for a company manufactures of custom systems for wood? Volpato designs and produce lines for wood.


Machines for wood since 1957

Volpato was founded in 1957 and thanks to the experience acquired over the years in the field of polishing, today it offers a choice of machinery, not only for polishing, but also for all the processes that may concern the wood and the machine lines, according to specific requests of customer measurement,


Volpato machinery features

Thanks to a team of professionals and experts with a long experience, Volpato, designs machines and lines for wood processing:

  • very robust and resistant
  • pourable and therefore adaptable to different processes
  • that can be popular in different types of services
  • that offers customers a high-quality product.



Type of production with the Volpato wood lines

By using the customized Volpato machines, it is possible to obtain many processes, which modify the raw material and customize the product:

  • sanding, with sanding machines and sanding tools, essential for the finishing process
  • milling, to shape the wood and obtain the desired shape
  • brushing, to further improve the wood surface.

More information

For more information on the lines for wood designed by Volpato you can fill out the form on the contact page.