Lines design for wood milling

Do you work wood and need a machine capable of performing particular woodworking? Volpato designs, manufactures and installs lines for milling on wood.

Lines for wood since 1957

Volpato is a company born in Italy over sixty years ago that with experience and professionalism has built a national and international distribution network involving small, medium and large companies operating in different sectors. The lines for milling made by Volpato are customized machines, designed according to the needs of the customers and specific to work the wood.

Services for customers

In addition to studying and custom-designing machinery for customers, Volpato has other types of services to offer customers the possibility of being followed throughout the project:

What is milling?

Wood milling is a process used to shape the material, create decorations, create borders, profiling or corners. The milling, therefore, is useful for making beautiful wooden items, and functional to use, with a refined shape, shape the material and prepare it for subsequent operations. It is possible to obtain different types of milling, such as radius or more complex operations. This processing is used in carpentry in general and especially by furniture manufacturers.

More information

For more information on the lines for wood milling designed by Volpato send your request by filling out the form on the contact page.