Lines design for wood brushing

Do you want to improve the wood surface during the processing of this material? Volpato realizes lines for the brushing of wood to prepare this material for subsequent processing.

What is the brushing for?

The brushing serves to improve the surface of the wood, giving the surface a rustic effect highlighting the grain of the wood. This processing is performed before other processes; the brushing is, in fact, accessory to other types of processes, such as painting. With the Volpato wood brushing lines it is possible to open or close the pores completely remove the hair after the sanding process with the tape.


Why choose the Volpato wood brushing lines

Volpato produces woodworking machinery since 1957 and thanks to the experience acquired in the sector and to a highly specialized staff, it offers its customers the support and skills to design high quality wood brushing lines. Volpato also supports its customers in all phases of the project, from the initial stages with the conception and the study of the machinery according to its needs, up to the testing in the company.

Brushing machines made in Italy and patented

All the machines and lines created by Volpato are created using only Italian components and materials. The production chain is carefully controlled and supervised by the staff with the aim of always offering machinery made with reliable components of quality and high quality standards. The Volpato wood brushing lines, moreover, are patented machines, able to satisfy the specific needs of the customers.

More information

For more information on wood brushing lines design by Volpato, fill out the form on the contact page. The staff will try to solve any request.