Lines design for metal glazing

Do you have to standardize the roughness of the metal during processing but don’t have a proper machine? Volpato designs and manufactures lines for the glaze finishing of different types of metals for sixty years.

What is the glazing finish for?

The glazing is a processing that can have different purposes, for aesthetic or functional purposes, to homogenize the surface of the metals, in order to obtain a predefined roughness. This particular finish must be performed with high quality machinery as the surface of the metals must not be damaged, risking to compromise the subsequent processes.

Which lines does Volpato realize for the glazing finishing of metals?

To satisfy all possible production needs of customers, Volpato produces two different types of glazing finishing lines:

  • standard
  • customized.

Characteristics lines for glazing finishing

All Volpato machines are made using exclusively Italian components and materials. The production chain, in fact, is carefully supervised by the staff, in order to offer machinery:

  • products with reliable and quality components
  • resistant and robust
  • that make it possible to obtain a quality finished product.

More information

For more information on the metal glazing finishing lines designed by Volpato, you can send your requests by filling out the form on the contact page.