Design of woodworking machinery

Are you looking for a company that realize woodworking machines? Volpato is an Italian company that designs machines to work wood with high quality standards. Furthermore, with Volpato it is possible to obtain the best technical support thanks to a highly trained and professional staff.

What operations can be performed on the wood with Volpato machinery?

Volpato offers different types of woodworking machinery. The machines manufactured are suitable for satisfying the needs of customers operating in the sector and guaranteeing them a high-quality finished product. The Volpato machines allow you to perform on the wood:

  • rustication, to age and improve the characteristics on wood
  • brushing to highlight the wood grain
  • milling to get the desired shape from the raw material.

Volpato also makes other types of woodworking machines, including machines for sanding or finishing the wood edge.

What services does Volpato offer?

Thanks to the experience acquired in the sector and a professional and trained staff, Volpato offers its customers complete support. Relying on Volpato, in fact, means relying on a company that follows the customer throughout the path of machine construction, from consulting to testing of the machinery built.

More information

For further information on Volpato machinery for woodworking, you can fill out the contact form. The staff is available to offer their advice.