Customized sanding machines

Are you looking for a company specialized in the production of machinery systems for woodworking? Volpato is a manufacturer of customized sanding machines.

What materials can be finished with Volpato sanding machines?

Volpato is a professional partner able to design and assembly customized finishing machines. Volpato’s goal is to offer to its customers machinery that can improve performance and better finished products. The sanding machines produced are designed to work on:

Why choose Volpato sanding machines?

Volpato is an Italian company that has become a reference point for the sector thanks to the experience gained in the design of sanding machines. Volpato’s staff uses the best technologies to make the sander machines and thanks to this the company is also able to patent the machineries realized on the specific needs of the customers.
In addition to the design, Volpato also takes care of the assembly and testing of the machineries. Choosing Volpato, therefore, means relying on a company that offers to its customers complete professional support.

Examples of custom-made sanding machines

Volpato sanding machines guarantee high quality standards and high performance and allow the creation of a finished product of the highest level. Among the different machinery made by Volpato it is also possible to find:

  • complete machinery for sanding and finishing lines that is combined systems that allow to work and finish different materials;
  • sander machines for profiles-lines that allow working on edges and profiles.

More information

For more information on Volpato custom sanding machines, you can fill out the form on the contact page. The staff is available to offer their support and answer any questions.