Brushing machines wood

Efficient and high quality machines for wood brushing


Wood brushing is a useful finishing process to improve the wooden surfaces and to emphasize its grain and, to be carried out at best, needs specific machinery. If you are looking for a brushing machines wood for your business or your company, Volpato has the right solution for you. Specialized for over 60 years in the field of wood sanding, the Italian company is able to make high quality, efficient and reliable wood brushers and fully customizable according to customer needs. All the machines produced by Volpato are made with components and materials from the Italian market, thanks to the high know-how and the continuous search for competent and highly specialized technicians.


What machines are available for wood brushing?

All brushing machines wood designed by Volpato allow you to widen the pores of the wood, remove the fibres after belt sanding and completely close the pores, preparing pieces and wooden surfaces for subsequent processing. Volpato offers different models of standard wood brushing machines, but also a wide choice of customized machines for wood brushing, specifically designed starting from the customer’s requests, according to his needs, the type of products to be manufactured and the volume of production.


A complete range of services and customer support for the design of customized sanders


To always ensure the customer satisfaction, Volpato also offers a complete range of services and efficient customer support, which involves every stage of production. The company staff, made up of experienced professionals and engineers, works constantly to offer excellent technical and commercial support in the phase of:


  • consultation for the custom design of sanding machines and wood brushing machines, proposing efficient solutions to improve and speed up the production process, as well as the characteristics of the finished products;
  • design of customized sanding machines thanks to a unique software which can realize a 3D model of machines before proceeding to the realization;
  • assembly on efficient and technological production lines;
  • custom production: customers who decide to trust in the company will have the opportunity to obtain a non-standard machine, designed to meet every single need;
  • testing of machines to verify the correct functioning of the finishing machine.


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