Special Machines

Our special machines are made to measure in accordance with the customer's processing requirements. The stages of designing of a custom machine a custom machine are first discussed together, evaluating the possible solutions that can be undertaken. Thanks to the skills learned over time, our technical-productive system and your suggestions, we are able to realize the machine that can meet your production needs. Here are some examples of how the needs may be different:



Thanks to the cooperation with one of the most important companies in Europe, we were able to conceive a sander that can sand coffins and his lids in the same machine, improving the efficiency of the operator. This machine, now almost standard for the production of VOLPATO srl, is enjoying great success in the field of coffins and not only in this. The locking pliers in fact can be modified to engage any type of material to be sanded, even ferrous!


The collaboration with various companies of coffins has led us to create a bank of assembly of the casing that facilitates the operator's work and increases the efficiency of production. This machine has many adjustments, suggested to us by the producers of coffins, which allow to adapt to any type of case and to improve the speed and precision of execution.


The collaboration with some leading companies in the production of coffins, led us to realize this eight-spindle drilling machine capable of doing simultaneously eight holes including the plating, obtaining a considerable advantage for the production. This machinery designed for components of the lid of the coffins, can also be used for any other material or component with a similar shape.


The need to insert a sander at the end of the painting process within a line has generated the need to have a belt sander that integrates perfectly with the previous and subsequent processes. We have thus constructed the bridge sander with the features requested by the client who has so achieved an important step in the finishing.


The need of sanding of different materials such as plastic or rubber, the need of an increase of efficiency in processing, have led us to conceive a machine able to sand the surfaces of joints of high voltage cables. Machines such as these can be used for any type of material with similar shape.